iSAGE has a strong and multi-lateral consortium consisting of 34 partners from 6 EU countries and Turkey. Five EU countries involved in the project – Greece, France, Italy, Spain and the UK – collectively account for 74% and 87% of the European sheep and goat populations, respectively (see Eurostat statistics, 2014). Making up the consortium are 19 industry representatives from various production systems and socio-economic contexts, 13 research institutions and 1 international organisation.

Industry partners

One of the unique aspects of the project is the number of industry partners involved. With 19 partners, industry makes up over 57% of all partners in the consortium. The 19 industry partners (several of them SMEs) of iSAGE represent approximately 16,000 sheep and goat farmers with approximately 5.5 million sheep and goats. Through direct involvement of the industry partners, iSAGE outcomes will lead to increases in efficiency and production in a substantial proportion of the sheep and goat sector. Furthermore, societal impacts on nearly 16,000 farm households and reduced ecological impacts will represent a significant benefit. These impacts would be made more likely through the deliverables of the project that are developed and road tested via these industry partners. A successful farm level exchange network that permeates the supply chain will increase the impact beyond these industry partners as iSAGE deliverables become industry best practice.

Look to see if you recognize one or more of the partners.

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