Holistic sustainability assessment

Leader: Marion Johnson (Organic Research Centre)

WP1 will assess the sustainability of different types of sheep and goat farming systems in seven European countries (including Turkey). It will use social, economic and animal welfare indicators to assess sustainability in a holistic approach that informs the development of improvement strategies in other work packages. These sustainability indicators will be also used to develop a novel toolbox of assessment tools that can be used by the industry partners as standard for future sustainability assessments. WP1’s objectives are:

  1. Define typologies that represent the diversity of sheep and goat farming systems across EU and Turkey and identify case study farms that will participate in sustainability assessments for WP1, case studies in WP2 and farming system design for WP4.
  2. Identify, with involvement of stakeholders, suitable indicators and tools for assessing the sustainability of sheep and goat production systems in Europe, with a special focus on social, economic and animal welfare indicators.
  3. Assess the sustainability of sheep and goat farm systems and supply chains, including relationships between economic, environmental and social outcomes and trade-offs using indicators identified.
  4. Develop a toolbox of assessment tools and indicators that can be used in the future to assess the sustainability of sheep and goat production systems.

The different tasks are listed below.

Task 1.1: Defining typologies for sheep and goat farming and selecting case study farms

Task 1.2: Review and selection of existing sustainability tools and indicators

  • Subtask 1.2.1 Review of tools and indicators
  • Subtask 1.2.2 Socio-economic sustainability indicators
  • Subtask 1.2.3 Animal welfare indicators
  • Subtask 1.2.4 Development of assessment approach

Task 1.3: Sustainability assessment

  • Subtask 1.3.1 Development of common data collection framework
  • Subtask 1.3.2 Sustainability assessment
  • Subtask 1.3.3 Assessment of innovation strategies
  • Subtask 1.3.4 Relationships between outcomes and sensitivity analysis

Task 1.4: Toolbox development

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