Multi-actor internal and external communication

Leader: Cledwyn THOMAS (European Federation of Animal Science)

WP6 will ensure that iSAGE’s work is relevant to the needs of the industry and that the project’s outputs are disseminated so it is easily implemented and exploited by the industry. To do so we will use a multi-actor approach with research and industry working in partnership. Therefore, this WP provides the means to prioritise research and disseminate and exploit project outputs to meet industry needs. Communication will be coordinated internally between the research and industry partners, and externally between the project and its stakeholders. WP6’s objectives are:

Internally (within the project)

  1. Communicate project results within the Consortium so that all partners are updated timely on the knowledge generated by all WPs and Tasks.
  2. Co-ordinate the use of participatory approaches to utilise stakeholder and research knowledge and innovation to prioritise research activities within the project.
  3. Collate, store and manage whole chain records provided by industry partners crucial to understanding systems and for testing outputs from the project.

Externally (to Stakeholders)

  1. Use participatory approaches to utilise stakeholder and research knowledge to prioritise dissemination and training activities.
  2. Communicate and disseminate project outputs to stakeholders and to create a farm-level observatory and knowledge exchange network, linking with the EiP.
  3. Build capacity through training to ensure the industry can effectively use the outputs from the project.
  4. Create a roadmap for future implementation and exploitation of project outputs at farm, regional and European scales and for further research.

The different tasks are listed below.

Task 6.1 Knowledge exchange activities between Stakeholder and Research Partners

Task 6.2 Collation and Management of on-farm surveys and the recording data

Task 6.3 Establish a farm-level observatory and knowledge exchange network

Task 6.4 Dissemination

  • Subtask 6.4.1 Visual identity and communication tools
  • Subtask 6.4.2 Website and mobile phone technologies
  • Subtask 6.4.3 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan
  • Subtask 6.4.4. National Workshops
  • Subtask 6.4.5 Regional Workshops
  • Subtask 6.4.6 New product demonstrations
  • Subtask 6.4.7 International scientific conferences and final conference

Task 6.5 Enhance capacity

  • Subtask 6.5.1 Face-to-face training courses and summer schools
  • Subtask 6.5.2 Web-based ELearning

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