Innovative system solutions – managing sheep and goat resources

Leader: Georgios BANOS (Scotland’s Rural College)

WP5 will develop innovative genetic resource management and breeding solutions for sheep and goat populations that will help the relevant European industry sectors to cope with and thrive in the face of future environmental, climatic and socio-economic (including demographic and market trends) challenges. In this regard, it will consider sustainability indicators developed in WP1 and interact closely with WPs 2, 3 and 4. WP5’s objectives are:

  1. Assess the utility of individual animal traits as indicators of resilience and adaptability to climatic challenges, and their suitability for future environmental and socio-economic circumstances.
  2. Develop breeding strategies and tools that will enable European sheep and goat farmers to enhance animal welfare, resilience and adaptability to future climatic, environmental and socio-economic challenges, and improve the sector’s sustainability and profitability.
  3. Assess the capacity of local animal breeds (resource populations) and develop management practices to deliver resilience, sustainability and competitiveness to sheep and goat farming systems across the EU and beyond.
  4. Develop practical recommendations and guidelines for the European sheep and goat farming sector and policy support.

The different tasks are listed below.

Task 5.1: Animal phenotypes for resilience, adaptability and sustainability

Task 5.2 Genetic profiles of resilience, adaptability and sustainability traits

Task 5.3 Breeding strategies for enhanced resilience, adaptability and sustainability

Task 5.4 Cost-benefit analysis

Task 5.5 Local breeds

Task 5.6 Recommendations and guidelines
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