Expected Impact

iSAGE uses a participatory approach which is led by the industry. We have a work package to includes internal and external communication to build the project from the farmer level. This approach will ensure relevant issues are addressed and the project outcomes are applicable in practice. They can also be used to make networks across Europe and across animal sectors.

The 19 industry partners (several of them SMEs) of iSAGE represent approximately 16,000 sheep and goat farmers with approximately 5.5 million sheep and goats. Through direct involvement of the industry partners, iSAGE outcomes will lead to increases in efficiency and production in a substantial proportion of the sheep and goat sector.

Furthermore, societal impacts on nearly 16,000 farm households and reduced ecological impacts will represent a significant benefit. These impacts would be made more likely through the deliverables of the project that are developed and road tested via these industry partners.

iSAGE will investigate the sheep and goat sector but our approach and results will be made available and disseminated to other EU livestock industries. This will ensure that the impact of iSAGE continues after the project.

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