Publications in peer reviewed open access journals (Gold/Green)

A meta-analysis on the effects of climate change on the yield and quality of European pastures. M. Dellar, C.F.E. Topp, G. Banos, E. Wall
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment ;265 10.1016/j.agee.2018.06.029

Empirical and dynamic approaches for modelling the yield and N content of European grasslands
Martha Dellar, Cairistiona Topp, Guillermo Pardo, Agustin del Prado, Nuala Fitton, David Holmes, Georgios Banos, Eileen Wall
Environmental Modelling & Software; 122, 10.1016/j.envsoft.2019.104562

Genetic analysis of novel phenotypes for farm animal resilience to weather variability
Enrique Sánchez-Molano, Vanessa V. Kapsona, Joanna J. Ilska, Suzanne Desire, Joanne Conington, Sebastian Mucha, Georgios Banos.
BMC Genetics, 20/1, 10.1186/s12863-019-0787-z

Optimizing management of dairy goat farms through individual animal data interpretation: A case study of smart farming in Spain
Belanche, A.; Martín García, A. Ignacio; Fernández-Álvarez, Javier; Pleguezuelos, Javier; Mantecón, Ángel R.; Yáñez Ruiz, David R. 01/01/2019 10.1016/j.agsy.2019.02.002 (OpenAIRE)

Publications in non-peer reviewed journals/ books

1 Effect of an alternative rearing method on milk production and lamb weight gain.
S. Termatzidou., N. Siachos, P. Kazana, I. Rose, G. Arsenos. Book of Abstracts EAAP Annual Meeting 2018

2 Assessing efficiency of meat sheep farms in the UK by performance evaluation and benchmarking.
A. Theodoridis, K. Zaralis, C. Davis, N. Noble, G. Arsenos. BSAS Annual Conference 2019 (British Society of Animal Science)

3 Best observed practices in efficient farms: How Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) can serve as an innovation identification tool.
A. Theodoridis, A. Taffidou, G. Koutouzidou, E. Morin, G. Arsenos. 1st Europ Symposium_Livestock Farming_Mountain Areas

4 Innovative marketing of high-quality dairy products from transhumant sheep and goat farms in Greece.
A. Ragkos, A. Theodoridis, K. Zaralis, I. Rose, V. Lagka, G. Arsenos. 164TH EAAE SEMINAR: Preserving Ecosystem Services via Sustainable Agro-food Chains

5 Implications of climate change on small ruminant systems in Europe.
G. Pardo, S. Mullender, K. Zaralis, M. Dellar, D. Yañez-Ruiz, M.J. Carabaño, A. Del Prado. Book of Abstracts EAAP Annual Meeting 2018

6  Holistic approach to improving European sheep and goat sectors – iSAGE.
Thomas, C., Zaralis, K., Zanoli, R., Del Prado, A., Rose, G., Banos, G., Pompozzi, A., Arsenos, G. Book of Abstracts EAAP Annual Meeting 2018

7  Sheep dairy and meat products consumers’ analysis: A critic perspective on the current paradigm of high- quality products marketing strategy.
D. Martin-Collado, C. Díaz Martín, M. Serrano & R. Zanoli. Book of Abstracts EAAP Annual Meeting 2018

8 Characterization of dairy sheep and goats production systems in France: first step towards a GXE study.
H. Larroque, G. Lagriffoul, A. Combasteix, J.M. Astruc, V. Clément, D. Hazard, A. Rolland, I. Palhière. Book of Abstracts EAAP Annual Meeting 2018

9 Noble. N. (2018) ‘Sheep sustainability research findings beginning to emerge’
Sheep Farmer,  August/September 2018 pp 24-25.  National Sheep Association.

10 Sheep dairy and meat products: from consumers’ perspective to industry innovations.
D. Martín-Collado (1,2), C. Díaz, M. Serrano, R. Zanoli. EAAP 2018

11 Characterization of production environment and exploration of new phenotypes to improve genetic selection efficiency and animal adaptation to variety of environments.
D. Hazard, H. Larroque, E. Gonzalez- Garcia, D. Francois, P Hassoun, I. Palhiere, F. Bouvier, S. Parisot, V. Clement, A. Piacere, S. Masselin-Silvin, D. Buisson, V. Loywyck, F. Tortereau, G. Lagriffoul EAAP 2018

12 Using the Multi stakeholder approach to match potential innovations with challenges experienced by European Sheep and Goat farms.
I. Rose, D.M. Collado, S. Orsini, R. Zanoli, D. Yañez-Ruiz, K. Zaralis, G. Arsenos. Book Chapter: Innovative approaches and Applications for Sustainable Rural development. HAICTA 2017 Springer Earth System Sciences, Springer, Cham Theodoris A, Ragkos A., Salampasis M. (eds).

13 A collaborative multi-stakeholder analysis of the sheep and goats sector challenges in Europe Belanche A. , Martín-García A.I. , Rose I. , Martín-Collado D. , Yañez-Ruiz D.R.
in Options Méditerranéennes, ISBN: 0025-8261, Efficiency and resilience of forage resources and small ruminant production to cope with global challenges in Mediterranean areas.

Non peer-reviewed articles published in the Organic Research Center bulletin (UK)

1  Sheep sustainability research findings beginning to emerge

Article by Nicola Noble in ORC Bulletin No. 126, Autumn 2018

Flock Health Clubs – have they been a successful initiative?

Article by Marion Johnson and Lisa Arguile (ORC), Nicola Noble (ORC/National Sheep Association) and Wendy Jones (National Sheep Association) in ORC Bulletin 129, Autumn 2019

Sheep grazing within arable rotations

Article by Marion Johnson, Lisa Arguile (ORC), Nicola Noble (ORC/National Sheep Association) and Wendy Jones (National Sheep Association) in ORC Bulletin 130, Winter 2019

Sustainability assessment of sheep and goat farms; a comparison between European countries

Article by Lisa Arguile and Marion Johnson (ORC) in ORC Bulletin 131, Spring 2020