Innovation leaflets

One of the core actions of iSAGE project has been to carry out innovation case studies aiming to explore how key selected innovations can increase the sustainability and viability of the sheep and goat production sector. Thirty-one innovations have been selected in a multi-step participatory process. These innovations have been mainly implemented by industry partners of the consortium. Below you can find innovation leaflets that summarise the key outcomes of those case studies including advice for successful implementation.


REPRODUCTION_No 26_Reproductive performance of crossbreeds_TURKEY

REPRODUCTION_No 26_Reproduction performance goats

REPRODUCTION_No 25_Assisted reproduction technologies_TURKEY

REPRODUCTION_No 24_Reproduction control in easycare breeds_TURKEY

PRODUCTS & MARKETING_No 21_Funtional food production_Conjugated Linoleic Acid_TURKEY

PRODCUTS & MARKETING_No 22_Marketing innovations in Greek transhumance_GREECE

OTHERS_No 31_Portable Milking Machine_TURKEY

OTHERS_No 30_Managing Haemonchus burden in lambs using a copper bolus_UK

IT TECHNOLOGIES_No 14_ Precision sheep farming_FRANCE

IT TECHNOLOGIES_No 13_Individual data collection tecnologies_the Eskardillo tool_SPAIN

IT TECHNOLOGIES_No 11_Mobile Sheep Manager Software_TURKEY

IT TECHNOLOGIES_No 10_Extension activities for individual_GREECE

FEEDING_No 9 _Livestock Grazing in Arable Rotations_UK

FEEDING_No 8_Creep feeding_TURKEY

FARMER TRAINING_No 28_Evaluating the impact of Flock Health Clubs_UK

FARMER TRAINING_No 27_Next Generation Ambassador Programme_UK

ENVIRONMENT_No 19_Farm Assessment Tools for Monitoring and Improving Sustainability_UK

ENVIRONMENT_No 17_Assessing production systems carbon footprint_TURKEY

ENVIRONMENT_No 16_Transhumance ecological knowledge_TURKEY

BREEDING & GENETICS_No 5_Prolificacy genes_the ROA allele_SPAIN

BREEDING & GENETICS_No 4_NSA _Assessing parasite resistance on three sheep breeds_UK

BREEDING & GENETICS_No 3_Analysis of farmers perception of the drivers and constrains for the uptake of a new selection index for ewe productivity_FINLAND