Holistic sustainability assessment

Leader: Raffaele ZANOLI (Universita Politecnica delle Marche)

WP2 will identify in greater depth geographic, demographic and other socio-economic variables and understand their impact on farmers and the whole supply chain. It will also aim to better understand consumers and societal interests towards goat and sheep farming and the place of sheep and goat milk and meat products in future diets. WP2’s objectives are:

  1. Obtain in-depth understanding of the interaction between various geographic, environmental, farm management, market and policy issues on socio-economic and socio-demographic changes and multi-dimensional sustainability of the sheep and goat production sector.
  2. Understand reasons for decline in sheep and goat meat products as well as factors that influence the acceptability of cheese by consumers and retailers.
  3. Identify the determinants of such decline and the expected place of animal products in the society and diets in the future, looking across the whole food chain.
  4. Understand the impact of trade and especially of meat imports and cheese exports on the goat and sheep sector competiveness and resilience.
  5. Identify and describe innovative approaches to animal and supply chain management and marketing.

The different tasks are listed below.

Task 2.1: Preliminary qualitative farmer survey

Task 2.2: Farmers’ survey

Task 2.3: Qualitative consumer research

Task 2.4: Quantitative consumer research

Task 2.5: Retailer survey

Task 2.6: Survey of multi-actor current best practices in the supply chain
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