Greece Training and Workshop


An iSAGE training course and an iSAGE workshop

Held at the Mediterranean Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki, 13th-15th January 2020


Programme available here (PDF document)


Georgios Arsenos – Welcome to the ISAGE project:Greek regional meeting

Lisa Arguile – Sustainability The PG Tool and the iSAGE Toolbox

Valentina Tsartsianidou – Modern approaches to animal genetic improvement: novel phenotypes and genetic/genomic analysis

Raffaele Zanoli – Assessing consumer needs and developing new products

Stefano Orsini – Case study research design and methods

Martha Dellar – Modelling the impacts of climate change on European sheep and goat production systems

Alexandros Theodoridis – Innovations to support the viability of Sheep & Goat sector in Europe

Sofia Termatzidou – E ffect of an alternative rearing method on milk production lamb weight gain

Mata Trivizaki – Task 4.2: Training and implementation of farm management application The AWIN case study

Ebru Emsen – Disruptive Innovation in sheep breeding for ensuring complete traceability of lambs 

Stefano Orsini – Case study: Next Generation Ambassador Programme, UK



Programme available here (PDF document)


Georgios Arsenos – Aims of the iSAGE project and workshop

Athanasios Gelasakis – Health and welfare challenges for the sustainablility of dairy small ruminant farms

Raffaele Zanoli – Consumer trends and needs iSAGE results & recommendations

Thomas Bartzanas – Precision livestock technologies for reducing the environmental footprint in livestock systems in view of climate change

Martha Dellar – Impacts of climate change on sheep & goat production systems and adaptation options

Deimitrios Melas – New CAP: impact on the sheep and goat sector

Inmaculada Batalla – Modelling farms: possible scenarios and systems responses to future changes

Lisa Arguile – Sustainability The iSAGE Toolbox

Sotiria Vouraki – The iSAGE decision support system (DSS)

Valentina Tsartsianidou – Possible future breeding strategies to enhance animal resilience