Final Conference

iSAGE Final Conference

Opportunities to improve the profitability and sustainability of the sheep and goat sector.


The meeting has been of interest to farmer and processor organisations, government and non-governmental bodies and international organizations with a role in the sheep and goat sector.

The aim has been to discuss implementation strategies for ISAGE project outputs and to provide recommendations at the European scale of future needs to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of sheep and goat systems through:

  • Increased efficiency and profitability.
  • Improved overall sustainability (environment, welfare) and innovative capacity of the sector.
  • Enhanced consumer acceptance of sheep and goat products
  • New efficiency traits for breeding schemes



Georgios Arsenos – iSAGE project overview

Georgios Arsenos -Trends in the European Sheep and Goat sector Production and Consumption – challenges to the sector

Marion Johnson – Recommendations for improving the Sustainability of the Sheep and Goat sector. The iSAGE toolbox helping decision making on farm

Raffaele Zanoli – Consumer acceptance and willingness-to-pay of sheep/goat products Recommendations for marketing & segmentation with cross-country examples

Cledwyn Thomas – Web-based e-learning

Agustin del Prado – Impacts of climate change, potential adaptations and assessment of the role of small ruminants on mitigating climate change

Georgios Banos – Optimal breeding strategies to enhance the sustainability and profitability of the European sheep and goat sector

Alexandros Theodoridis – Future challenges and innovative solutions for the sheep and goat sector