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12 February 2020
iSAGE Newsletter Issue n. 5 - The iSAGE newsletter n. 5 is now available! Read the full issue here!

27 January 2020
CORDIS new article on iSAGE project - “Weatherproof sheep? How to enhance animal resilience to climate change” is the new article published by the CORDIS Editorial Team. CORDIS is part of the European Commission’s strategy for the dissemination and exploitation of research results. You can read the full article here.

20 December 2019
The role of ruminants on climate change mitigation: “The good and the bad” - This infographic video has been produced as part of the BC3 contribution to the COP25 in Madrid (Pabellón España-5th December 2019) and under the H2020 project iSAGE.

15 November 2019
iSAGE scientist wins prestigious award - iSAGE scientist Martha Dellar wins major award for her work in the project on the prediction of the effects of climate change on animal and pasture productivity. See link for details:

15 November 2019
Breeding weatherproof sheep to adapt to climate change - Paper published today in BMC Genetics on research into animal resilience conducted by SRUC and supported by iSAGE could be used to improve the accuracy of selective breeding. Sheep can be selected for improved performance and importantly to withstand severe events resulting from climate change. See below for details: Genetic analysis of novel phenotypes for […]

23 October 2019
Innovation leaflets - You can find here innovation leaflets that summarise the key outcomes of case studies undertaken by the project including advice for successful implementation.