Uk Training & Workshop

Wood Hall Hotel & Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, 2-6 December 2019.


Programme available here (PDF document)


Cledwyn Thomas – Introduction to iSAGE project

Kim Matthews – Introduction to UK sheep sector challenges and opportunities

Martha Dellar – Modelling the impacts of climate change on European sheep and goat production systems

Stefano Orsini – Case study research design and methods

Emilia Cubero Dudinskaya – Assessing consumer needs and developing new products

David Logue – Sustainable Sheep Management

Marion Johnson, Lisa Arguile – Sustainability: The PG Tool and its use within iSAGE

Marion Johnson, Lisa Arguile – Observations on Biodiversity outcomes from the PG Tool assessments on UK farms

Enrique Sanchez Molano – Modern approaches to animal genetic improvement: novel phenotypes and genetic/genomic analysis

Marja-Liisa Sevón-Aimonen – Development of Sheep systems in Finland and results from iSAGE

Kaie Ahlskog – Sheep production in Finland

Wendy Jones – Participatory approach to Dissemination and Improved Uptake UK case studies for innovation

Sotiria Vouraki – The iSAGE decision support system (DSS)


Programme available here (PDF document)


Georgios Arsenos – Welcome to the ISAGE project: UK regional meeting

Duncan Wyatt – Trends in the European Sheep and Goat sector – Production and consumption

Raffaele Zanoli – Strategies to Improve consumer perception and consumption of sheep and goat products

Sharon Peacock – British Meat Goats

Cledwyn Thomas – Environmental Impacts and livelihoods

Tony Waterhouse – Upland Britain Complex relationships of sheep numbers and systems with biodiversity and landscapes

Steve Peel – Public money for public goods

Agustin Del Prado – Regional challenges to the UK sheep sector (including impacts on Greenhouse Gas emissions from sheep systems)

Phil Stocker – Challenges facing UK sheep farming

Giorgios Arsenos, Marion Johnson, Wendy Jones – Innovation strategies – recommendations from the iSAGE farm case studies

Georgios Banos, Enrique Sanchez-Molano – Breeding strategies to enhance animal resilience