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EIP-AGRI logoEIP-AGRI: The European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) was launched by the European Commission in 2012. It aims to foster a competitive and sustainable agriculture and forestry sector that “achieves more from less”. It contributes to ensuring a steady supply of food, feed and biomaterials, and to the sustainable management of the essential natural resources on which farming and forestry depend, working in harmony with the environment. To achieve this aim, the EIP-AGRI brings together innovation actors (farmers, advisors, researchers, businesses, NGOs, etc) and helps to build bridges between research and practice.


SheepNet: “Sharing Expertise and Experience towards sheep Productivity through NETworking” is a 3-year project led by Idele (France) and funded under H2020 RUR-10-2016-2017 which aims to increase sheep productivity. It will run until October 2019. The six main sheep producing EU countries (France, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom), and Turkey are involved in SheepNet. SheepNet is a network about practice-driven innovation to improve sheep productivity. The network will specifically focus on efficient reproduction, efficient gestation and reduced lamb mortality, as these 3 factors are crucial for profitable and sustainable sheep production systems.


4D4F: The “Data Driven Dairy Decisions for Farmers” thematic network is focused on the role which dairy animal and environmental sensors can play in collecting real time information to help making more informed decisions in dairy farming. The network is developing a Community of Practice (COP) comprised of farmers, farm advisors, technology suppliers, veterinarians and researchers who work together to debate, collect and facilitate the co-creation of best practices on data and sensor technology. The project is structured in 12 Special Interest Groups and one of them is focused on the use of sensors and technologies in small dairy ruminants.


SusSheP: “Sustainable Sheep Production” is a 3-year project funded by the SusAn ERA-NET and involving partners from Ireland, UK, Norway and France. The overall aim of SusSheP is to increase the sustainability and profitability of European sheep production by addressing key industry focused problems.