The iSAGE project presented during IDELE 2025 meeting

On the last 20th of December, the French Livestock Institute (Institut de l’Elevage – IDELE) presented the results of its strategic reflection: IDELE 2025.

More than 250 people were present: agricultural unionism representatives, agricultural organisation managers, representatives of the French Government (particularly the Ministry of Agriculture) and all the industry partners of IDELE.

The French Minister of Agriculture, Stephane Le Foll, introduced this meeting with a video message. He reminded of the importance of the French Livestock Institute to meet the challenges of agro-ecology and ensure adaptation of the farms to the climate change. He highlighted the importance of livestock productions for jobs and territory maintenance.

The participants were able to see the diversity of the innovative projects through 29 workshops  that highlighted the variety of IDELE partnerships and activities. Within this framework, iSAGE H2020 project was one of the presented projects .

For further information, please visit Idele website.