Results of the workshops “The EU sheep meat forum”

Four workshops took place (between November 2015 and October 2016) at the initiative of Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, to explore current and future challenges of the EU sheep meat sector.

The forum brought together participants from Member States with a significant sheep meat production, as well as representatives of producers, processors and traders in sheep meat in the EU.

The “1-day workshop” format embraced several presentations by experts highlighting the themes of the day with a view to prepare the ground for an in-depth debate between stakeholders.

The workshops were chaired by Mr. John Bryan, a producer representative from Ireland. Reports and presentations of the different events are available online.

  • The first workshop addressed economic, social and environmental aspects of sheep farming in the Union.
  • The second workshop addressed trade and food supply challenges as well as promotion initiatives for sheep meat.
  • The third workshop had a stronger policy focus and wrapped up conclusions from the previous two meetings.
  •  The fourth and last workshop drew conclusions from the whole series of conferences and identified key issues for future work.